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Ben Ottewell - A Man Apart


1. Own It
2. A Man Apart
3. Watcher
4. Cradle
5. Back To The World
6. Walking On Air
7. Steal Away
8. Bones
9. Lead Me
10. A Better Lie

Release date: 26.05.17

"With his third solo album A Man Apart, Ben Ottewell is stepping out of the shadow of his former band." - X-PRESS

"There is an upbeat, polished pop riddled through these ten tracks though, with opener 'Own It' the most immediate example, followed by the Springsteen-esque 'Watcher'. But the title track heads back to Ottewell's familiar sparse arrangements with a dry scatty beat, as does 'Back To The World' and 'Bones'. It's because of these that A Man Apart shines that bit brighter." - The Music

"Gomez's not so secret weapon." - Rolling Stone