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Dan le Sac - Space Between The Words



Dan Le Sac has a very varied musical influence and its reflected on this album with everything from pop and indie to dance, hip hop and electronica. It would sit nicely in your record collection between Metronomy, Hot Chip and Field Music!

Features collaborations with Emmy the Great, Merz, Sarah Williams White, B Dolan, Joshua Idehen and Pete Hefferan ( ex-Pete & The Pirates)

Double Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Long Night Of Life
A2. Play Along
A3. Memorial
A4. Reprisals

B1. Tuning
B2. Good Time Gang War
B3. Hold Yourself Lightly

C1. Zephyr
C2. Breathing Underwater
C3. Break Of Dawn

C1. Caretaker
C2. Beside
C3. Cherubs

1. Long Night Of Life
2. Play Along
3. Memorial
4. Reprisals
5. Tuning
6. Good Time Gang War
7. Hold Yourself Lightly
8. Zephyr
9. Breathing Underwater
10. Break Of Dawn
11. Caretaker
12. Beside
13. Cherubs