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Klangkuenstler - Thats Me


Release date: 18.11.14

‘Man on the Moon’, featuring the soulful vocals of folk singer Alice Phoebe Lou, was a natural choice for the album’s first single after the track blew up on Soundcloud. The lyrical electro tune whet fan’s appetites and provided a taste of the much awaited album, continuing the standard set by his earlier release ‘Freuentraene’ which also amassed over 2.6 million You Tube views. ‘That’s Me’ showcases the uniquely warm and hypnotic sound of the 24 year old electronic artist. KlangKuenstler seamlessly infuses his productions with classical, jazz, and 60s film score influences, while remaining true to his tech house roots. The opening track ‘1990’ sets the tone for the album with moving synthesised strings layered over an infectious bass line and a building energy, combining both a mellow and cheerful vibe.

‘That’s Me’ is a fresh debut with a uniquely harmonic sound and an infectious energy. KlangKuenstler’s ability to fuse an eclectic range of influences into upbeat electro house while maintaining his signature sound proves that the bespectacled

Track List:
1. 1990
2. Man on the Moon
3. One Day at Mauerpark
4. Hand in Hand
5. We Know
6. Funk Me
7. Relive
8. Disco Sunset
9. Bummelbahn
10. Amsterdam
11. Man on the Moon (Bonus Track) - Miguel Campbell Remix