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L.A. Salami CD Bundle


Special L.A. Salami CD bundle including The City of Bootmakers, Dancing With Bad Grammar and Lookman & The Bootmakers EP.

The City Of Bootmakers
1. Sunrise (intro)
2. Generation L(ost)
3. Who’s Cursing Us Now?
4. Terrorism! (The Isis Crisis)
5. Brick Lane
6. I’ll Tell You why
7. England’s Unwell
8. A Man; A Man Without Warning
9. You’re Better Off Alone
10. I Need Answers
11. Science + Buddhism = A Reality You Can Know
12. The Talisman On The Age Of Glass
13. What Is This?
14. [Bonus Track] Jean Is Gone

Dancing With Bad Grammar
1. Going Mad As the Street Bins
2. & Bird
3. No Hallelujahs Now
4. Anything's Greener Than Burnt Grass
5. I Wear This Because Life Is War!
6. The City Nowadays
7. Papa Stokely (skit)
8. I Cant Slow Her Down
9. Loosely on My Mind
10. Why Dont You Help Me?
11. Day To Day (for 6 days a weeks)
12. Def(a)ormation Days
13. Aristotle Ponders The Sound
14. My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire

Lookman & The Bootmakers EP
1. A Man; A Man Without Warning
2. I'll Tell You Why
3. Science + Buddhism = A Reality You Can Know
4. That Ain't Me
5. This Age We Live In