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Rhoda Dakar - Walking After Midnight


Following the January release of her excellent cover of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, Sunday Best Recordings are pleased to announce the release of their third Rhoda Dakar single, ‘Walking After Midnight’.

Originally recorded by Patsy Cline (written by Alan Block and Donn Hecht), ‘Walking After Midnight’ is considered one of the greatest songs of Country music. Although widely covered, it has never received the Ska treatment. Until now.
releases March 31, 2022

Vocals - Rhoda Dakar
Guitar - Lenny Bignell
Drums - Marley Drummond
Bass - Andi McLean
Piano - Louis Vause
Backing Vocals - Nathan Austin Thomas
Trumpet - Evan Clegg
Trombone - Trevor Edwards

MC - Natty Campbell*

Produced by Lenny Bignell
Engineered by Pat Collier at Perry Vale
Mastered by Transition Mastering
Written by Alan Block and Don Hecht

Cover Art by Pete McKee

* Recorded at Natty Campbell HQ courtesy of the world wide web