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JW Francis - We Share a Similar Joy


Born in Oklahoma, raised in Paris, living in New York City, assistant to a Nobel prize winner, licensed New York city tour guide and murder mystery business owner, JW Francis is now prepped to release his debut album through Sunday Best Recordngs.

His brand of lo-fi, utterly irresistible bedroom dream-pop takes its lead from the city JW lives in, with echoes of Jonathan Richman, The Velvet Underground and the lo-fi sound New York has been inspiring for decades.

Order 'We Share a Similar Joy' on LTD Edition Yellow vinyl now.

Vinyl Tracklist

A1. Home
A2. Is That The One
A3. Lofi
A4. Good Time
A5. All There
A6. I Told You

B1. Everything
B2. New York
B3. Loving Nobody
B4. Gold
B5. I'm Down, Whatever

CD Tracklist:
1. Home
2. Is That The One
3. Lofi
4. Good Time
5. All There
6. I Told You
7. Everything
8. New York
9. Loving Nobody
10. Gold
11. I'm Down, Whatever