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Xylaroo - Sweetooth


Release date: 03.06.16

“Glistening, astonishing lyricism, uplifting harmonies, and strummed, perfectly structured, longing songwriting. Their debut album hails the arrival of a major talent.” ★★★★★ | The Arts Desk

Sister’s Coco & Holly have traversed the world – living in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Switzerland and, most recently, East London. Sonically indebted in part to Dolly Parton, the duo weave together intricate harmonies and contemporary-country instrumentation, creating unique, honest and enchanting sounds.

A1. Track A' Lackin'
A2. Consume Me
A3. Sunshine
A4. River Of Love
A5. Heavenly
A6. Danger

B1. On My Way
B2. Boom, There Goes The Sun
B3. Narwhal
B4. Set Me On Fire And Send Me To Canada
B5. Lonpela Taim
B6. The Devil In Me

1. Track A' Lackin'
2. Consume Me
3. Sunshine
4. River Of Love
5. Heavenly
6. Danger
7. On My Way
8. Boom, There Goes The Sun
9. Narwhal
10. Set Me On Fire And Send Me To Canada
11. Lonpela Taim
12. The Devil In Me